In the beginning

Hi, I’m Mary, and I know nothing about gardening.

Yet here I am starting a blog about gardening.

Why do this?

  • Because I want to share my love of all things nature. I love plants and animals, and I hope my experiences make you smile, think, or act.
  • Because I want to motivate other first-time gardeners whether it be city dwellers, kids, hobby-seekers, or just people bored out of their mind in quarantine.

If you saw me as a kid, you wouldn’t be surprised at all that I’ve become enamored with gardening. After school, you could always find me outside, shoes off, running through the yard. I had no qualms about getting my hands dirty whether it be helping my dad build a deck, playing sports with the neighborhood boys, or carefully erecting a fort in the nearby woods. My family often traveled to the mountains of southern Virginia where I’d spend my summers knee deep in the creek catching salamanders and trout. But as my childhood faded into adulthood, the forts and fishing were quickly replaced with computers, shopping, and responsibilities. For years I forgot how it felt to have the mud squish under my feet or to experience the calming bliss of being surrounded by nature all day. Until this year. COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused heartache and crisis for millions around the world, and I am not excluded from this stress and anxiety. However, one positive outcome of this confounding year has been that life as I know it was put on pause. I found myself working outside in the hammock, taking breaks to walk my dogs multiple times a day, and eventually starting my own garden.

So really, why am I doing this?

  • I want to share my journey with you. I hope it amuses you, teaches you, and inspires you.
  • I am writing about all backyard projects-gardening, building furniture, raising chickens (eventually), and whatever else comes my way!
  • I would love to connect with all gardeners, homesteaders, outdoor lovers- from those just starting out to the experienced farmer.
  • I hope that blogging will keep me motivated and learning in addition to connecting me with like-minded adventurers.

Please join my on my journey: Comment, make suggestions, laugh at my fails, and start your own garden.